List of Guides|Experiences In Ise-Shima

List of Guides

  • Kiku Ezaki

    Kiku Ezaki

    Sometimes hot! Sometimes innocent! I really enjoy it!
    You can rely on it! Can you rely on it?
    Kaito Yumin Club leader!

    Kaito Yumin Club
  • Chiho Hyoudo

    Chiho Hyoudo

    The sense of security that comes from the experience of raising three children is the best!
    Eat anything delicious!
    You can even climb a tree!
    Mom who can move!

    Kaito Yumin Club
  • Kiyomi Akada

    Kiyomi Akada

    Become a mom and power up!
    The unfussy representative who came back!
    I am also challenging Ama!

    Kaito Yumin Club
  • Chiro Igarashi

    Chiro Igarashi

    The more you know, the deeper you get!
    You can't know it just once!
    Residents of remote islands who also speak English and Italian!

    Kaito Yumin Club